Program & Acquisition Management

We perform proven management frameworks and knowledge to improve your quality, security, cost effectiveness, and performance.  Whether it’s “Big-A” or “little-a” acquisition, materiel or non-materiel, IT or Non-IT - we have you covered.  Our approaches help you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.

Financial Management & Internal Control

We help you prepare for your Federal financial audit. We perform A-123 assessments and audit readiness support. We create MAPs and CAPs and we manage the PBCs and work with the auditors - to make the audit a little less stressful for you and your team.

Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Confidentiality, integrity, availability, and nonrepudiation are all important, and sometimes balancing and prioritizing these can be a real challenge.  We provide A&A, CDM, and compliance reporting support for major applications, HVAs, GSS, critical infrastructures, and cloud implementation in both classified and unclassified environments.

Intelligence & Analysis

We can efficiently gather, organize, process, filter, distill, and communicate the vast amounts of intelligence available to you and help you perform the triage necessary to face compliance challenges and make sound and defendable business decisions.

The TSTC Commitment

Our commitment to quality services and products and the environment is validated by our:

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification (#BSi FM 644152)
ISO 14001 Environmental Management (#BSi EMS 776815)
CMMIDEV /3 (Appraisal #68563)

Our commitment to security is validated by our:

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification (#BSi IS-536363)
ISO 27017 Information Security Management System - Cloud Services Certification (#BSi CLOUD 776816)
ISO 27018 Information Security Management System - Protection of PII in Public Clouds (#BSi PII 7977852)
ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System (#BSi PM 797804)
CMMC - AB Registered Provider Organization (RPO)

Our commitment to customer service and service management is supported by our:

ISO 20000-1 Service Management System Certification (#BSi ITMS 630877)
CMMISVC /3 (Appraisal #51958)

We can help you be successful.