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Investment Management

OMB Budget business cases justify the strategic and economic value of investments. From Pre-Select through Evaluate, TSTC can assist you in the many facets of the capital planning and investment control (CPIC) processes. We are a recognized industry leader and have developed and implemented proven investment policies, procedures, and guidance. We have developed and updated hundreds of businesses cases and support documentation required to defend your investments and associated portfolios.

Making sound investment decisions starts with TSTC.

TSTC helps defend your investment decisions through proactive processes that help you secure funding and achieve performance goals and objectives. We help minimize risk, improve submission scores, and positively contribute to overall mission success at both the Program / Investment and Agency-wide levels. Our “outside the box” approaches also allow your organization to improve its investment decision making effectiveness and overall investment management maturity. We help ensure compliance with Federal laws and regulations; support OIG/GAO audits and reviews, and TechStat and PortfolioStat reviews; and we help develop and maintain robust supporting artifacts that form the foundation for high-quality, credible, and defendable business cases (OMB Exhibit 300s).

TSTC will help you analyze, plan, and manage all of your Major and non-major IT investments through our integrated suite of Investment Management services:

  • Planning
  • Budget Formulation and Execution
  • Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC)
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Operational Analysis and Performance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Portfolio Management

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