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Audit Readiness and Compliance

TSTC’s award winning Audit Readiness and Compliance Services are a natural product of our Corporate core principles of professional integrity, independence, and ethical behavior. TSTC believes that a strong defense is critical and our consultants will work with you throughout the full audit lifecycle to ensure that you can state with confidence that you are ready for your financial, IT, security, and OIG/GAO audits and assessments.

Assess your Audit Readiness!

By addressing applicable elements of Federal and International Standards of Auditing, TSTC provides practical solutions and mitigation strategies that minimize your risk and exposure, enhance transparency, promote accountability, and improve decision making and compliance reporting. Our audit readiness approach explicitly addresses both compliance and effectiveness with the following goals:

  • reducing the number of, and improving the accuracy of subsequent audit findings
  • improving your operations and compliance
  • streamlining the audit process and improving communications and coordination
  • standardizing the PBC and NFR processes and associated supporting artifacts
  • developing and implementing near term and long term mitigation strategies
  • institutionalizing a proactive stance which reduces staff stress regarding audits

TSTC conducts comprehensive internal evaluations of your operations, internal controls, prior audit/assessment findings, and overall organization – across the entire risk spectrum. We baseline your current state, identify gaps and root causes, and provide a series of cost effective recommendations /mitigations to meet your organizational requirements and mission, while helping you stay in compliance with Federal Laws and Regulations, and Departmental/Agency Policy and Directives.

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