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In the Spring of 2002, Christine Podracky, President and CEO, founded TSTC  based upon Total Service – Total Commitment®. She did this to address observations that the Federal professional services industry was not providing the high quality deliverables and high integrity services that were really needed.

Mrs. Podracky’s desire to keep the company small and focused has resulted in both unquestioned customer dedication and customer loyalty. Total Service – Total Commitment® to our clients is proven by numerous client accolades and multiple DHS Small Business Achievement Awards.

TSTC, a small business, has been providing high quality deliverables and services as a prime contractor to the DHS and other Federal entities since 2003. TSTC started small; our first contract in 2002 was for $5,000 to provide Capital Planning Investment Control analysis support to the USDA CIO. From those humble beginnings, TSTC has grown into a multi-million dollar small business. Our focus remains on our core competencies and our dedication to never sacrifice the quality of our deliverables and services.

Our journey over the past 16 years has resulted in amassing and leveraging vast amounts of knowledge of Federal governance and working groups, and building long-term relationships with our clients. Our institutional knowledge of many of the current and future policies, procedures, governance requirements, and resulting architectures and frameworks has enabled our staff to continuously provide the highest levels of service to all of our clients.

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